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New Life Greens

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Local, Sustainable,
& Grown-to-Orde
r Microgreens

In Dane County Wisconsin

Our Microgreens



All of our microgreens are grown-to-order which means the growing process begins once you place your order! Our greens are guaranteed to be picked within 24 hours of delivery, providing you with the freshest product. 


Local food is great for the environment, decreasing carbon emissions from food export. We also use as much sunlight as possible to grow our micros. Plus we use a compostable growing medium and biodegradable packaging. 



Microgreens are TASTY! Most microgreens taste just like their fully grown plant, sometimes they taste even more delicious! Microgreens can have a flavor that is earthy, sweet, sour, citrusy, spicy, bitter, peppery, and more!  They add a fresh and unique flavor to every dish. 



Our micros are picked at their prime, providing you with the most nutritious product. Microgreens are also packed full of nutrients; some micros have as many as 40x more nutrients than the fully grown plant. 


The New Life Greens Farm Practices

The New Life greens farm uses all organic practices with organic seed. Since the microgreens are grown in an aquaponic environment, there is no need to add synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or anything else. Also, all products are delivered and harvested within the same 24 hour period, guaranteeing the freshest product.


Additionally, our microgreens are grown in a sustainable way. We value using the sunlight as much as possible, this gives you a more naturally-grown product and also decreases our energy usage. Additionally, we grow our microgreens in a compostable growing medium and we deliver in biodegradable packaging.


Our goal is to provide you with the freshest, most naturally grown product, with the smallest environmental impact possible. 


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Aquaponic agriculture is a centuries-old growing technique that utilizes the abundant and natural nutrients discharged by fish to grow plants. Water from the fish tanks serve as organic fertilizer for the produce, while the plants’ roots clean the water before its return back to the tanks. The same water that flows within the troughs circulates through twelve 1200-gallon fish tanks in the next room. There are two pumps that send the water up to the fish tanks before gravity moves the water through the bio-filtration units, into the troughs filled with plant roots, and finally back to the pumps that move the clean water up to the fish. Inputs to the system are custom-manufactured fish feed, electricity for the water pumps, air compressors, cooling and circulation fans, propane for the greenhouse heaters, and wood to warm the water in winter. 

Meet Your Grower

Jessi Ricci

My name is Jessi and I'm the founder of New Life Greens! I am a young woman with a passion to provide my local community with fresh, sustainable, nutritious, affordable, and delicious microgreens. 


So many of my life experiences inspired me to start up this farm. I have always loved plants and have 100+ houseplants. I also love the environment and care about my environmental impact, which inspired me to consume a plant-based diet. Additionally, I come from a family that has experienced all sorts of negative health conditions which has encouraged me to take my health seriously. I also am a very hungry marathon runner who loves to eat! With my love for growing plants combined with my passion for the environment and health, I discovered microgreens.


I began to research what microgreens were and quickly discovered their many benefits. I began to grow them at the greenhouse I work at and started to share them with my family and friends. I then brought some to local restaurants and here we are today! Now I am providing these amazing greens to my local community.


Knowing where, how, and who-from your food is sourced is vital to being a conscious consumer. I’m so excited to continue making new connections with local restaurants and community members just like you!


Where to eat our greens:

West Side Community Market (Every Saturday) 

Ope House Pub (Berneveld)

School House Bistro (Paoli)

Campo Di Bella (Mount Horeb)

Lucille (Madison)

Everly (Madison)

Deliciouser (Madison)

TodoFresco (Madison

Hi Point Steakhouse (Ridgeway)

Stone Porch Alehouse (Verona)

Cento (Madison)

Statehouse (Madison)

The Boathouse Bar & Grill (Madison)

Draper Brothers Chophouse (Madison)


Want a taste of our greens?

Are you are a restaurant/grocer interested in booking an appointment and getting samples of our greens? Fill out this form!

Are you a community member interested in being notified when we will be delivering to your area/ when we will be at local markets near you? Fill out this form! 

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